We make the intangible tangible, as our services are our products

Fachmann Berater stands out from the crowd by its unique service offering of Executive Research. Though the term ‘Executive Research’ is popular in Europe & USA, it is still at a very nascent stage in Indian sub-continent and Fachmann Berater aims to pioneer this concept.

Executive Research begins with the deep-understanding of the mandate and preparation of target list, progresses with candidate identification, mapping & profiling and concludes with a comprehensive research listing. We partner with clients to identify the kingpins of the industry through our extensive, proven & fail-proof research capabilities. This mapping exercise clearly adds value to your organization in terms of keeping you abreast with the current market trends and talent landscape. Moreover, as our research insights are strategic in nature, it will certainly keep your Talent Acquisition team on top of the game. 

We strongly believe that any search is incomplete without a good research activity. Executive Research is more than culling out names from the repository – it requires patience, diligence, perseverance, research intelligence and of course a lot of passion. Fachmann Berater proficiently merges all these attributes to deliver each & every mandate and the outcome gets magical automatically.