Fachmann Berater has sailed through difficult times, encountered countless challenges and converted them into opportunities – The firm was launched just 114 days before the Lehman’s collapse, stumbled upon the crippling recession followed by the pandemic and hiatus.

Resilience drives us to continuously rediscover ourselves to always stay motivated in the game of executive search and Curiosity keeps us relevant to the current scheme of things. These two qualities collectively solidify our reputation to better address our client’s problems. We give you the best solution in talent hunt every time, by blending the rigor of contingency recruitment with the finesse of retained search. You will greatly benefit by working with us as we do not rest on our laurels. We vouch for it.

Fachmann Berater accepts search assignments only on a retained basis. This will:

  • Secure a true partnership to conduct the search in a systematic way
  • Benefit you through our high-touch recruiting and global professional standards
  • Fulfill your sophisticated talent needs by attracting even the passive candidates
  • Mitigate your risk involved in hiring, by helping you to take informed decisions
  • Remarkably save time, enabling you to focus on core business
  • Provide you an undivided attention from our consultant
  • Help you in evaluating only the best/ suitable talent
  • Enhance your brand image
  • Increase your success rate in hiring
  • Certainly rev up your Return on Investment (ROI)

We are your armour in the war for talent. We are Fachmann Berater – Destined for Leadership.

Come, let’s jointly revolutionize the way recruitment is perceived. We are ready. Are you?